Starting a Local Alumni Association

Local Alumni Associations are intended to provide a way for alumni to participate in activities at a local level. However forming a local alumni association may seem like a daunting task.  With some knowledge and initiative you will be well on your way to engaging yourself into a life of continued service to college bands.


  • You have a desire to continue serving college and university bands
  • You are looking for organized ways to continue to give back to chapters or college and university bands
  • You are looking to make new professional connections
  • You are looking for other individuals that want to advocate for music
  • You want to meet new people with a shared love for Kappa Kappa Psi
  • You want to reconnect with alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi



  • Minimum of five Kappa Kappa Psi alumni, life or honorary members
  • Minimum of one officer.  All officers must be members of the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association
    • General officer duties:
      • President: runs meetings, authority who speaks for the association, main contact with the Alumni Association
      • Secretary: takes minutes, records membership information, compiles reports
      • Treasurer: addresses all financial issues, prepares budget and financial reporting
  • Chapter affiliated local alumni associations must have support document from the Director of Bands and Chapter Sponsor of affiliated chapter.
  • All brothers who join a local alumni association must be in full and regular standing with the National Fraternity as reviewed by the National Headquarters
    • Membership in the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association is encouraged, but not required except for those brothers serving as LAA officers.



  • Local alumni associations can be formed at any time.
  • There are no calendar year obligations or guidelines for application submission.
  • Take your time; but always remember that the longer it takes to organize your personnel, the harder it will be to keep interest levels heightened.
  • Once your association is approved, it must submit an annual report to the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association Board of Directors by June 1 each year



Remember minimum membership requirements when organizing your association.  Local alumni associations are most successful when they are formed organically.  If you have a group of brothers that you still remain close with, you may have already access to the core of your founders

  • Available Resources:
    • Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association Board of Directors
      • Directors have the ability to research membership statistics based on chapter affiliation and current residence
    • Active Chapter Alumni Secretaries/Liaisons or Chapter Historians
      • Often times, alumni forget to update their information with National HQ by completing the Alumni Association Application Form.  However, they may be inclined to update their information with their home chapter to remain informed with home chapter activities.  Reaching out to active chapters may prove to be an invaluable resource.
    • Set goals
      • What is the intent of your organization?
        • All local alumni association applications require a statement of purpose
          • Currently local alumni associations strive to do the following:
            • Provide direct service to chapters served in the breadth of their jurisdiction
            • Offer networking opportunities to brothers
            • Develop independent giving programs
            • Create scholarship opportunities for students
            • Assist in the funding of active students to attend regional and national conventions
        • The sky is the limit, but be practical.
      • Complete the application!
        • Organizationally, local alumni associations can be loosely structured:
          • Constitutions/bylaws are not required for application
          • A dues structure is not required for application or membership
          • Submit the completed application to


  • Report is received by National HQ
  • Membership Director sends acknowledgement of receipt of application letter to President/Primary Contact (and Director of Bands if it is a Chapter Affiliated LAA). This is done within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Membership Director vets LAA Roster (and confirms signatures of Director of Bands and Sponsor for Chapter based LAAs) within 48 hours of receipt
    • If it is a Chapter based LAA, did both the Director of Bands and Sponsor sign the Application?
      • If the Director of Bands is also the Sponsor, the form must be signed in BOTH places! If this is not included in the submitted application, the application is incomplete and not considered submitted until the signatures are received by Aaron Moore at HQ.
    • Are officers all carrying current KKPsiAA membership?
      • If not, the KKPsiAA Membership Form Link (for Life Members and/or Alumni) is sent to President/Primary Contact to distribute to Officers. If an officer does not bring their membership current within 72 hours from the President/Primary Contact’s notification of lapsed membership, they will be unable to serve as an officer for that membership year.
    • Are all members Alumni, Life Members, or Honoraries?
      • Every name on the Roster must be fully cleared in the OMRS. Names that cannot be confirmed, or Brothers who do not have email addresses (non-university unless they are teaching at the school) in the OMRS must update their information via the update form on the KKPsiAA website before their name is cleared for membership.  Brothers who do not update the OMRS within 72 hours of the President/Primary Contact being notified of the need for the OMRS update will be removed from the roster.
      • Inactive Brothers must update the OMRS and begin the Inactive Reinstatement process through the OMRS once login credentials are established by Aaron Moore at National HQ. They cannot join the LAA until the process is marked complete in the OMRS by National HQ.  This process can take several weeks from start to finish; the Inactive Brother will be removed from the roster, and can be added to the roster in the future if and when an Inactive Reinstatement is completed.
    • When the roster is fully cleared, the Membership Director will immediately notify the President/Primary Contact, and inform them that the review of the rest of the Application will begin.
  • After the roster is fully cleared, the Board of Directors will perform within 72 hours:
    • Review of Activities
      • What does your LAA plan to do over the next year? Are we seeing a balance between social, service, and fundraising events?  Do we understand the purpose of the activities?
    • Review of Action Plans
      • What goals do the LAA have set to accomplish in the next year? What is your LAA asking for support with?

    All requests for clarification of information for the Board of Directors must be responded to within 72 hours of our request.  This request will be sent to the President/Primary Contact and the Vice President listed on the application.  If we don’t hear back from either officer, the Board has the right to vote to not accept the application (and therefore fail to approve the new LAA) for the 2017-18 Membership year.

    All requests for clarification of information for the Board of Directors must be fulfilled no more than 14 days after our first request.  If LAAs reach the 15th day, the Board has the right to vote to not accept the application (and therefore fail to approve the new LAA) for the 2017-18 Membership year.

  • After the roster is cleared, and the report is fully reviewed to our satisfaction:
    • Membership Director makes motion to approve the application
    • Board of Directors has 72 hours to second motion, and move through vote to passage or failure
    • Report is approved with 4/7 Directors voting Aye
  • After the Board of Directors votes on the Annual Report and Renewal:
    • If your application/renewal is approved, Membership Director sends Approval email to President/Primary Contact (and DOB if Chapter Affiliated LAA) within 24 hours of approval.
    • If your application is declined, you will be notified by the Alumni Association of any necessary revisions that will allow you to resubmit your application for approval.

2017-18 Kappa Kappa Psi Local Alumni Association Application (Kappa Kappa Psi Only) | 2017-2018 Roster (Kappa Kappa Psi Only)

2017-18 Joint Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma Local Alumni Association Application | 2017-2018 Roster (Joint Association)