Inactive Status Information

Any brother who graduates or terminates his/her affiliation with a college or university as an inactive member (meaning that the brother paid no dues for that year) will remain designated as inactive following his/her departure from that institution. To become an alumni brother, that brother must petition the chapter at that college or university for reinstatement and pay dues at the current rate. (If there is not currently an active chapter at that college or university due to suspension or closure, then the brother must instead petition the National Council, which, upon a majority vote, can grant reinstatement upon payment of dues at the current rate.)

Inactive brothers cannot participate in the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association, in any Local Alumni Association, or any district or national fraternity events or functions.

Additional background information regarding inactive status is available in this document.

If you are an inactive brother who wishes to petition for reinstatement, you can do so through the fraternity’s Online Membership & Reporting System (OMRS), which is located at However, you may first need to update your information on OMRS. You can do so through the online form below. NOTE: If you cannot see the online form on this page, please visit